Fortunatus, The Forgiven

Fortunatus. My forgiven vampire. He is very old. Exactly how old, I don’t even know yet. There is hymn in our hymn book at church written by a very early Christian hymn writer named Venantius Fortunatus who live around 550 AD. Is this my Fortunatus? (It’s where I got the name.) If so, when did he reject his salvation and take the painful path to becoming undead? I have so many questions still left to answer about this character, which is probably why he is one of my favorites. Someday the tale of his undeserved rescue by the Dhampir Crow will come to print. In the series, Inheritance, Fortunatus is already forgiven. He is the god-father to Jack Galloway and has teamed up with Ronan to stop Mara’s murdering theft of power.

If my story were ever turned into a film, I would be honored to have Daniel Craig play Fortunatus. He has just the right amount of suave – shaken, not stirred – paired with the right amount of cold disinterest. His bright blue eyes exude a chill which creates a feeling of danger around him. Perfect for a vampire, even more perfect for Fortunatus.

So, tell me what you think, dear reader? Can you see Daniel Craig as the vampire willing to risk his undeadness for a human? Can you see him capturing the love of an angel? Comments below, please!

(If you have no idea who or what Fortunatus is, please read my series to find out! Start HERE!)