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We're going on an
Picture from Pixabay. Edits by me.

In case you follow a link to this blog, or somehow find it just exploring the internet, I’m leaving this here because I’ve decided to go on an adventure with a new blog. (Don’t worry, this one isn’t offended. It practically pushed me out the door.) Please join me on this mission, quest. . . thing. I have lots of fun, new goings-on like a writing related Pinterest account, a new FB, Twitter, and Instagram account all dedicated to my stories. I even did the scary thing of making a Patreon Account.

I’d love to have you along for the journey, so please hope, click, jump your way over to Faerie Stories: Warrior Stories for the Brave. And don’t forget your pocket handkerchief.




I love my world because it is a place where children lost through miscarriage and aborted children get to live their stories.

I love this setting because I love winter time. Being able to capture both the horror and beauty of it is a delight. I love the Streets cause they show lawless children. I love Greenhome because there parents with no children get to have a child. I love Metropolis-by-the-sea because it’s got more technology and lawful evil.


I love to describe things when I’m working on setting. I love trees and the winter and nature. Yes. I’m one of those awful writers who spends way to much time and words on descriptions and not enough on characters. 

I also enjoy describing combat, even though I think it’s hard to write as well as I would like.  

But, writing death scenes is really probably my favorite. I don’t know why killing of my characters is my favorite. But I’m aptly named #iamdeath.