I don’t wish to write a “Christian novel”.  I wish to write a novel where my own personal salvation shines through.  Where life is hard, dark and gritty but hope, faith and love overcome the darkness.  I wish to tell a tale where my salvation from my own sin is shown, where my undeserved rescue is mirrored in a fantastical way.  By using fantasy as my format, I hope to show the magic of the everyday.  By using vampires, I hope to show my own struggle with sin.  No matter how saved I am I cannot escape my own inner evil as long as I am here on earth and it will seep into other people’s lives, people I love.   I do not wish to write a “Christian” novel because I don’t often wear a badge on my sleeve stating my Christianity… I live in such a way that it is salt and light.  I wish my novel to be the same.  I do not avoid the truths of evil in man.  It is there and it is sick and it does destroy.  I also do not wish to bathe in that evil.   I must face the evil just as I must face the evil in myself but I do not need to soak my soul in it.  My goal is not to offend anyone but to be as realistic as an urban fantasy thriller can be.  I wish my reader to walk through the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” with me but to come out on the other side filled with hope, faith and love.  I wish them to see the world just a bit differently when they put down my tale.  I am a story teller.