“One thing I’d change in my past?” Jonah repeated my question, incredulous that I would ask such a thing.

“How about not standing up for the weak? How about joining up with Christopher instead of Axe? How about all the maids and crones I abused? How about all the things that made it necessary for Soul to have his hands crushed for me?”

“But then you never would have been salvaged?”

The conundrum was visible on Jonah’s face: his acts had brought him to the point of salvage, and yet because of his salvage he hated them. 

“I think I’ll have to ask Soul about that.” Jonah hefted Scarecrow, his hound-head hammer. He rubbed his cheek, as if an old memory lingered there. “If think of it could change one thing, if never let Pain and Fear take me from my mother.”