Jonah’s best friends are Cid, Adele, Ralph and George in Book 1. The boys become friends after being on opposing sides in a messy food fight started when George picked on Adele. Their friendship is further solidified when Jonah, Cid, George, and Ralph battle the strange Clowns kidnappers from Metropolis-by-the-sea to protect their home.  The boys follow Jonah back to the Streets at the end of The Cost of Two Hands.

In Book 2, the Sparrow and the Star, Jonah’s best friends are Cid, Star, and someone I’ll leave un-named to avoid Spoilers. Cid is still by Jonah’s  side, but he’s lost Ralph, George, and Adele. Star is a bright light in his darkness, and the unexpected friend shows the power of being salvaged.