Yay for a new WIPjoy hosted as always by the lovely Bethany Jennings!

My WIP is the Cost of Two Hands and The Sparrow and the Star.  (Book 1 and 2 of the Artists Return Trilogy.) I’m going to dance between the two of them depending on the prompt.

This story is about a redeemed bully, Jonah, forced by a petty war to return to the place he was rescued from. Through this, Jonah learns to use his fighting abilities to protect intead of take. But, on the horizon looms bigger battles and a much bigger war. Do the other worlds care about the suffering in Jonah’s world? Will the lost Artists Return in time to help? 

It is a YA Fantasy with Steampunk and dystopian leanings. Cost of Two Hands is about 172,000 words. The Sparrow and the Star is at 102,000 words.