Change is in the Air


It’s been three years since I made a change in my writing. Three years since I left behind my thriller, criminal, vampire urban fantasy stories for a blog geared to encourage my church, stories for my nieces and nephews, and YA Faerie Stories. (Read about it here, and see my new blog here.)

As I worked on my YA Stories, I tried to create a whole new world from scratch for my characters, but the world I used in my Urban Fantasy stories fit too well with what I was doing to resist. What a joy not to waste the work I put into the world building. The Worlds before the Door is here to stay. Originally, I had only the Material World and the Spirit World before the Door. Now, I’ve added the Metaphysical World which will house my unborn.

So, what has changed? My Faerie Stories are just a bit more obviously Christian. They’re not preachy, but the Bible is quoted. The term ‘witches’ has been changed to Guardians. I felt like this might be a bit more palatable to parents, and this wasn’t a hill I wanted to die on. The focus characters are no longer Crow, Olive and the Justicars, but a group of kids in the Metaphysical World. Moving to Faerie Stories has pulled out more of my poetic prose and a whole cast of quirky magical creatures. The darkness has been toned down. The stories are still dark—unborn are aborted babies from the Material World after all—but the serial killers are now monsters, and the toned-down tortures leave less visible scars. These are the biggest changes.

What hasn’t changed? The themes of the Undeserved Rescue, Warriors, Eucatastrophe, and Hope in the Darkness are as well and alive now as they were in my Urban Fantasies. The King still stands behind the Door only reached by Death. Crow, Olive and the Justicars are still fighting monsters and evil Guardians. Things are still dark and characters you love still die. These things haven’t changed. J

My goal is to write a story that I would have loved as a regenerate young person. No language, sex scenes, or whining teens, but adventure, friendship, and heroes. Along with that, I’m continuing to develop my craft so that my stories can be enjoyed by adults as well. I want to write a story I love to read now. I don’t want this to be a book only for teens, even if teens are the main characters. I want this to be something that all ages of Christians find encouraging.

If you have read Fiddler’s Green by A.S. Peterson and enjoyed it, there is a strong chance you will enjoy what I write. I love to read and write that strange combination of beauty and visceral action.

So far, I have finished the second rough draft of The Cost of Two Hands (Book 1). It is being examined by beta readers and critiqued on Scribophile. While others are spotting problems, I’m working on The Sparrow and the Star (Book 2). Jonah’s storyline is finished, but I have only just started Sparrow’s side of the story. The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son (Book 3) is semi-patiently waiting its turn to be written.

This blog will be dedicated to everything about my world and Faerie stories. All my articles, book and movie reviews, Sunday Thoughts, and Quote of the Weekend will stay on my Gentle and Quiet Blog. Due to my health, both of these blogs will stay only partially active. I don’t have a schedule for this blog and don’t plan on setting one up. If something happens that I want to share about my book, I’ll share it. The schedule for my Gentle and Quiet Blog will remain Monday posts and Saturday quotes.

Thank you for your support for so many years. I’m excited to share this world, slightly refurbished, with you!


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  1. I am happy that you kept the parts of the other stuff that worked. No sense in re-inventing the wheel but it is good to make said wheel more round.

    What about my buddy Oak? Did he make the cut?


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